Laundry Rooms

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A good looking, functional laundry can make doing the chores far less of a chore. Whether your space is compact or roomy, if it’s well designed it’ll work a treat.

Fresh looks and clean lines are always a winner. So are smart ideas. Talk to us about ways we can help you get the most out of the humble laundry, making it as usable and time and effort-saving as it is elegant.

People-centric design

From strategically placed washing machines to storage with inserts, we design to your specific needs, maximising convenience and minimising effort.

Good thinking

Fittings and accessories like deep drawers beneath washing machines, built-in ironing boards and pull-out baskets just make life easier.

Fit for purpose

We design according to your environment. Our robust, resilient materials and products are perfect for wet areas such as laundry rooms.