Paired for Excellence

This stunning property was made beautiful, functional and highly livable thanks to the collaborative efforts between Map Architects and Trends Kitchens.




Map Architects



Project Overview

Designed by Map Architects and drawn up by Yongki Han, this delightful new home is a perfect example of a successful working relationship. Trends playing a critical role in the shaping of key spaces, manufacturing and installation joinery to the highest standards.

Handles and Benchtops

A sleek and contemporary touch was created by the addition of Stefano Orlati SSTM style handles to joinery. For practicality and durability the benchtop against the back wall is crafted from Caesarstone engineered stone, while the Granite Neolith Nero Satin surface of the island adds a certain opulence to the kitchen look and feel.

"The kitchen’s opulent, lacquered panels in Ironstone partner the Neolith Nero Satin of the island, making a striking statement in contemporary design for livable spaces."

Yonhki Han - Designer

Joinery Spaces by Trends Kitchens

Each of the joinery spaces have been meticulously crafted and installed by our teams of specialists. The home’s wardrobes, living room units and study areas, hallway storage spaces, stairs, vanities, and laundry were all part of the scope, alongside the cellar, kitchen, and garage storage. Every area reflects the precision and expertise of our highly trained professionals.

Materials and Finishes

The main materials selected add to the elegance and striking overall effect of the interiors. Prime veneer in American White Oak ¼ cut was treated with whitewash for a warm and inviting atmosphere, while lacquered panels in 1/8 Spanish White, with 50% gloss for a subtle contrast, completed the look.

The kitchen’s Ironstone lacquered panels partner the Neolith Nero Satin of the island, making a striking statement in contemporary design for livable spaces.


Through collaboration and partnership, Map Architects and Trends Kitchens created a home that not only meets the practical needs of its owners, but also stands as a work of art in its own right. Meticulous design and expert craftsmanship created valuable joinery spaces, from wardrobes to the kitchen, using just the right selection of materials and finishes.

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