A unified approach

Josie Hodder’s thoughtful design for this property, nestled in the picturesque surroundings of leafy Christchurch, perfectly demonstrates the beauty of simplicity and clean lines with a consistent style.




Josie Hodder



Project Overview

Well designed and beautifully made, this kitchen, walk-in pantry and laundry create a combined living space reflective of the modern lifestyle.

The benchtops are crafted from TriStone Antarctic Snow, fused with Formica Laminate Oiled Legno in a Naturelle finish for a touch of luxury, textural contrast, and aesthetic elevation.

Josie Hodder – Designer

Materials and Features

The two-toned island bench represents the focal point of the kitchen, achieved with a combination of Tristone benchtop and the Laminex wooden feature. AGT Soft Touch in both black and white serves as the foundation, providing a sleek and contemporary canvas for the overall design. Melteca Melamine in Oiled Lego Woodgrain introduces warmth and texture, creating a sense of natural elegance.

The benchtops demonstrate our team’s exceptional manufacturing capabilities. They’re crafted from TriStone Antarctic Snow, and fused with Formica Laminate Oiled Legno in a Naturelle finish. This combination not only adds a touch of luxury but also introduces a visual contrast that elevates the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

Sink and Accessories

A number of Lazio White Ceramic sinks create impact, all under-mounted to maintain the clean finish of the design. This choice not only serves a functional purpose but also contributes to the overall elegance of the kitchen, walk-in pantry and laundry. Lazio sink accessories add practicality without compromising on the well-defined style.

Lighting and Additional Features

LED strip lights are strategically placed in both the kitchen and the walk-in pantry, providing both functionality and ambience. As well as illuminating the workspace, the choice of lights create a warm and inviting atmosphere in both areas.

Consistent Style Across Spaces

From kitchen to walk-in pantry to laundry, Josie’s design philosophy is reflected in the consistent use of the style and materials. This unified approach creates cohesion within the living space, where each design element complements the other perfectly.


This residence is a celebration of simple elegance and style. The two-toned island bench, carefully chosen materials, and thoughtful details such as the White Ceramic Lazio sinks and LED lighting contribute to a home that is not only functional but also a visual delight. Josie’s careful continuation of design features throughout each area supports a well-integrated look and shapes a comfortable atmosphere and living experience.

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