Granite Benchtop

Granite Care Guide

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Care & Maintenance

Everyday cleaning

Use clean, warm, soapy water and then wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Use a granite care spray regularly to retain the shine of your benchtop.

Professional resealing

We recommend professional resealing every two years.

Removing food residue

Gently use a plastic Scotch-Brite pad or similar to shift stubborn food.

Preventing damage

Use a trivet or hot pads when placing appliances or pots straight from the oven/stove directly onto your benchtop. Granite is heat resistant and moderate temperatures will not affect the stone. However, extreme temperatures may damage your benchtop.

Always use a cutting board — never cut directly on your benchtop.

Avoid hitting your benchtop with anything blunt or heavy, as this can cause chips or cracks.

Avoid sitting, standing or placing heavy items on unsupported areas.

Avoid prolonged exposure to: Rusted tins, vinegar, red wine, beetroot, sauces, acids, margarine & oils (including cooking splatters)